China Geo-engineering Corporation and XCMG Sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

幸运赛车Recently, Sun Jinhong, Executive Director, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of China Geo-engineering Corporation, and his team has visited XCMG. A strategic cooperation agreement has been concluded between China Geo-engineering Corporation and XCMG, further facilitating cooperation between both sides on exploring overseas markets in response to the Belt and Road Initiative.


幸运赛车Lu Chuan, Chairman and Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of XCMG, Jiang Nan, Party Secretary of XCMG Import & Export Co., Ltd and Liu Quan, Deputy General Manager of XCMG Import & Export warmly received the delegation.

Lu Chuan welcomed China Geo-engineering Corporation and pointed out that since the reform and opening up, XCMG has implemented the innovative strategy with high-end technologies, high technical content, high value and large tonnage, localized core parts and achieved high-quality development driven by innovation. In terms of international expansion, XCMG ranks the sixth place in the world construction machinery industry, and is the only Chinese enterprise among top ten for successive years. In the first half of 2019, XCMG has completed the highest volume of exports in the industry, and become the preferred brand for countries along the belt and road.


As a stated-owned enterprise, China Geo-engineering Corporation actively responds to the Belt and Road Initiative and has made great achievements in overseas projects, geological engineering and import-export trade, said Sun Jinghong. China Geo-engineering Corporation has cooperated with XCMG for many years. Through this visit, he has known more about XCMG. There has a wide space of cooperation on international development for two companies. He hopes both sides can cooperate in a deeper way.


China Geo-engineering Corporation and XCMG signed a strategic cooperation agreement


The delegation has visited XCMG exhibition hall and factories. It is a tour with XCMG history, core components, Internet of Things and international development for 76 years. They especially appreciated XCMG’s concept of “Advanced Technology, Durable Products”.

幸运赛车At the same time, the Party Branch of China Geo-engineering Corporation Middle East Office and the Overseas Business Party Branch of XCMG Import & Export Co., Ltd. have signed a joint development agreement.